Friday, July 8, 2011

Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

I think buildings excite me more than words do even. I mean, there's also trees. Sometimes I can be stopped in my tracks by the shape and form of a tree, fascinated at thinking about the different factors in genetics and environment, even the day to day, that went into the tree making the choices it made for growth and then the outcome aesthetically. I find myself taking a lot of photos of individual trees. And then I upload them to my computer and I'm all like, what do I do with this? I have a folder titled "Trees that I Liked." Past tense because most of them I won't see again. I started to call it "Trees that Excite Me," but that's kind of weird. Oh, so buildings. I like houses, will sometimes spend much of a Sunday afternoon walking all over town and going into every Open House I come across. I like to see how people use interior spaces, but it's the structure itself that gets me. To see the evolution of choices in living spaces. The house across the street from me having a pantry cellar. I mean, just that one room that was cut deeper from the crawl space, the narrow and dangerous twist of stairs, and then the shelves. I went down there and I didn't ever want to re-emerge. The weirdness of that space. I could have set up a desk in there and lived the rest of my life by the light coming through the little east window. So much light! But it was underground, hidden, bomb-sheltery, everything painted white. I spend at least part of my day every day looking at sites of architecture. Sometimes individual architects, sometimes reading about their lives and influences, sometimes re-learning the names of the features on gothic cathedrals, sometimes scrolling through photos of libraries and schools, sometimes looking at how "modern" is interpreted in different parts of the world (Scandinavia! for example), more often just going from place to place online finding random buildings though. I think I would have been an architect if it wasn't for the fact that my stepfather was an architect.

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