Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If I haven't called you back it doesn't mean I don't love you.

Once again the task of everyday living has backed communication up for miles on my interstate.

The other day in town here, on our little stretch, an SUV driven by an 80 year-old man went the wrong way in morning traffic on the highway. We don't have rush hour like other places, we're not that big, but being 20 miles from the border on the most used conduit in the state to get to Canada, we're kind of busy all the time. He narrowly missed much before careening into a motorcycle. No one died on impact, but there was much hospital to be had. Traffic was backed up for hours while they cleared the wreckage of that and other minor accidents it caused.

Yesterday at 10pm someone found a boy sleeping in a parking lot. He'd fallen off his bike and bruised his head. Folks, please wear your helmets.

I used to wear my bicycle helmet in the car with Leigh Ann.

I received word this morning that Exquisite Corpse, a fantastic little journal that's been pushing great work for more than 20 years has picked up my "Unsaddled." Now I will feel compelled to put it back in the manuscript. It didn't quite fit anymore, but I think I may make it. Anyway, it's one of my favorites and you can find it here:

They keep a count of how many hits each piece gets and you all know how I love a number. Make me proud.

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